Understanding the Grading system at Heanor Gate


From years 7 to year 11 we use a grading system to track progress that is in line with the GCSE awarding system from 2017 in English and mathematics and from 2018 in all subjects. The link below takes you to an Ofqual web page that looks at the grading system in more detail:


As a school we have decided to use the same grading system for all year groups as it is easier to track an individual’s progress.

Each student is given a target based on their prior attainment and future potential. This target is not fixed and if an individual makes rapid progress, this target is then extended where possible. These targets create a flight path with measuring points at different stages of each academic year. These flightpaths tell us whether students are on track to meet, exceed or not achieve their current target grade by the end of year 11.