Jess Wins Sponsorship With Premium Brand

Year 10 student Jess Betts has won sponsorship from a newly opened premium equestrian online retailer, CE Equestrian.


They advertised details of the competition on their Facebook page looking for a talented rider to be the next brand ambassador. The winner would join the brand’s riding team and help them to raise their online presence in return for equipment for her, her horses, and discounts on future purchases to boot. Jess was shortlisted in the final 5 (out of over 150 entries), set with the challenge to get the most likes on her post in order to win. After reaching a staggering 1.5k likes, she was announced winner and has been awarded the 12 month sponsorship.


Read the company’s announcement below


As well as her interest in horse-riding, which involves early mornings and late nights to care for her horse ‘Everything Up Two’ (most days as late as 8pm), Jess maintains 100% attendance at school and is aiming for top marks across her subjects. Jess is an amazing example of how students can apply themselves to a hobby or interest without compromising their education. Associate Vice Principal Mr Stanley says ‘Jess has done amazingly well to win this sponsorship and she deserves so much praise’.


To keep up with Jess’ adventures with CE Equestrian, see their Facebook page


Jess Betts