Immersion Day 1

Immersion Day hits HGSC with a ‘Big Bang’!


November 22nd, 2018 saw a range of businesses, colleges, universities, charities and other organisations descend on Heanor Gate Science College  They came to offer their advice, support and knowledge to all of our students, over one entire day, in a careers fair supported by ‘The Big Bang Fair’ and Learn by Design.


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Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 were fully initiated into the world of further education and careers through a selection of industry talks from Rolls Royce, the NHS, Lloyds Bank, Futures Housing, the National Apprenticeship Service, the National Construction Academy, Bowmer and Kirkland and Captain Wraith from the Army.  Education, career pathways, skills and personality traits were all on the agenda and these talks gave students additional ideas and understanding of where they might like to be in two to five years time. Having an idea of which career path you want to take is a great motivator and aspiration builder for young people, there’s nothing our students can’t do if they try hard enough and Immersion Day was all about us supporting them in this.



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Students also had the opportunity to take part in mock interviews from employers such as Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service, Boots, Derbyshire Education Business Partnership, Futures Housing Group, Rolls Royce and Learn by Design, because despite which route our students take after GCSEs, interviews are likely to be a part of that route.  The feedback students received was excellent, especially considering this was the first time they had been interviewed in such a way. On the whole, our students were ‘confident, articulate and most had ideas about their future area of study or employment.


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Our younger students also got in on the careers action.  Year 9 had workshops with representatives from Gloucester University, Derby College and Chesterfield College and sessions on website ‘Unifrog’ to help them consider their futures in the world of work.


Year 7 and 8 learned more about our world, and themselves.  Year 7 took part in a day learning about the impact of plastic on our oceans and environment, with all activities set up and run by our Science department, Year 7 tutors and achievement team.  The year group started off the day with an in-depth presentation on renewable fuel from local company Biowood. Some students commented that the first part of the day had actually made them feel sad because they had not been aware of the impact that using so much plastic has on our world.  Fortunately, by the end of the day, they realised lots can be done to help.



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Year 8 spent the day getting to know themselves better and understanding the impact of taking care of their bodies, especially when it comes to sexual and mental health.  Students were in sessions with ‘First Steps Derbyshire’ who offer advice and support with eating disorders, SV2 to raise awareness of sexual violence and education about their own sexual health was provided by Derbyshire Community Health Service’s ‘Sexual Health Matters’.



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The atmosphere around school all day was electric!  The excitement and enthusiasm were infectious, from staff and contributors, as well as our amazing students.  We want to now carry that enthusiasm through to our studies to continue to help get the best possible outcomes for all students at Heanor Gate Science College.



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We would like to take this opportunity to thank every one of the external contributors who gifted us their time and effort yesterday, it was invaluable and massively appreciated by all at HGSC.





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