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Following the success of last year's school show, the performing arts faculty knew that this year they needed to put together a show that was even more fun and energetic than the last, so the 80s seemed like the perfect destination.


Set during their final year at William Ocean High School, the graduating class, played by our talented students, experienced the fun, heartbreak, love, and lonliness of growing up, all to a soundrack of 80s classics such as 'Mickey' by Toni Basil and 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' by Bonnie Tyler.


For months students worked tirelessly to perfect their dance moves, their American accent, and their lines, not to mention memorising a setist of song lyrics, often spending most nights after school practising in the hall with Mrs Shuttleworth. 


Their hard work paid off; the show was a sell out, with nearly 500 people in the audience across three performances, all giving raving reviews about how much they'd enjoyed the experience.


The PE department also contributed by selling refreshments during the intervals, the proceeds of which, along with the profits from ticket sales, have gone to the Heanor Gate Production Account. 


Some photographs taken during Friday night's performance can be seen below.


To view the show’s programme please click here



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