Once a year we run an end of year raffle for students - this year's grand prize being a massive TV, a PS4 Pro 1TB and Amazon gift vouchers. Students were able to purchase tickets for this draw with the A points they've earnt throughout the year.


We are delighted to give this year's grand prize to a Y8 boy called Oliver who bought his raffle tickets with his A Points after saving them all year. There were 8,000 tickets overall, which we've worked out as roughly 120,000 A points' worth of tickets, bought by students across Y7 - Y11.


Congratulations to Oliver, enjoy your prize. Hopefully there won't be too many late nights over the holidays!


Oliver and his prize7




Oliver and his prize6



Year 8 Graduation


As a reward for consistent hard work, high attendance, good behaviour, and a positive performance across most of their subjects, Year 8 students were given the opportunity to graduate. In order for students to graduate, as well as the above, they had to demonstrate many essential skills such as employability, ICT, communication and community spirit.

Please have a browse through the photographs to see the students proudly holding their graduation certificates, along with some photos of the after party.



















Graduation After Party


Special Recognition


We are now selling school ties made from plastic bottles; rescued from landfill to help reduce the amount of plastic in our environment! 


Rescuing plastic bottles from the landfill is a much better idea than using crude oil, a fossil fuel, to make yarn (which is how everyone else does it).  Two plastic bottles are needed to make every Eco Tie.

At the same time we are also supporting British manufacturing.  Keltic Ties in Lancashire is a family business which is now in its fourth generation of weavers. It currently produces over 9,000 school ties per week, on looms powered by solar panels.

FACT: plastic takes over 1000 years to degrade and the particles pollute the ground and get into our food chain.


Wear an Eco Tie and make a positive difference to the planet!

(These ties are only available from reception)




Hunter Williamson and Amelia Roe in Y7


For more information please see https://www.kelticties.co.uk/recycled-ties/


Keltic Eco Ties Logo

Starting next week students in Y7, Y8 & Y9 are going to be given the chance to earn double A Points for the relevant theme of the week, as listed below.

Students should keep their eyes peeled for opportunities around school to show these desirable behaviours, as teachers will be looking to dish out points wherever they can.

The points earned can be spent at the rewards shop as usual (raffle tickets can be purchased from the rewards catalogue - prize draw includes a TV and game console!) and students in each year group, with the most A Points each week, will win a £20 Love2Shop voucher in assembly!


chalkboard KS3 A Points